The Magic of Mindfulness and Meditation

written by Maddy Jones

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Meditation and mindfulness at the very base of it, can dramatically reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and depression, creating a heightened sense of clarity, calm and peace within the body and mind.

It has been proven to increase memory, brain function, cognitive abilities and focus. It can reduce fatigue and increase the production of happy hormones in the body, allowing us to experience more gratitude, satisfaction, purpose and enjoyment in our days and lives.

On a deeper level, meditation practices have also been proven to physically create and build new neurological pathways in the brain, literally re-wiring our minds, thought patterns and belief systems!

Mindfulness, meditation and manifestation are such a huge passion of mine because I've experienced it working for myself and others time and time and time again.

Mindful practices have personally taught me a new way of thinking and being, which has completely transformed my life for the better.

I will be running the Mindful Magic series at New Energy Yoga to aid and facilitate you in making these transformations yourself too!

*The first in the series will take you on a journey of self discovery with the application of a practice called 'the 5 why's' which allows you to discover the true route of our issues, limiting beliefs or self destructive behaviours/patterns, in order to make the sustainable shift you need to make changes in your life.

*The second in the series will begin to build that strong foundation of confidence and resilience, developing your self worth and belief in yourself enough to let go of fear, stress, control and trust that you are being guided to where you need to be on your journey.

*The first two workshops will give you a strong mindful foundation, building you up to the third and final in the series where you can learn all the secret tips and tricks of powerful manifesting! Attracting into your life what you want and need so that you can create the life you want for yourself deliberately!

This series is suitable for anyone and everyone, whether you are a complete beginner to meditation and mindfulness or not. The workshops are designed to work in conjunction with each other, however they can also be practiced just as well individually on their own.

I cannot wait to share all of these incredible, transformational practices with you over the coming months ahead, get ready for big shifts and transformations!

All my love


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Written by Maddy Jones and published on Tuesday 16th August 2022 at 09:05

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