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25th January 2023 91 0

Aquarius Season: Setting Intentions for Feb

by Lauren Holmes

If you're someone who allows the expectations of others to rule your world, or find yourself feeling under pressure to "fit in", Aquarius is here to relieve you of that heavy burden and offer you a chance to embrace your individuality.

7th January 2023 3100 2

Welcoming the First Full Moon of 2023

by Lauren Holmes

As we welcome the new year of 2023, we are met with the transformative full moon in Cancer. With the zodiac of Cancer already being ruled by the moon, the energy of this emotionally driven sign is heightened, offering us insight into our inner world.

7th November 2022 328 2

Why Hot Yoga?

by Matt Cresswell

With Infrared Hot Yoga, you can experience that warm feeling of sunlight on your skin, without the risks of UV exposure, and with all the added benefits that infrared light treatment brings.

22nd October 2022 153 0

Meet Olivia Hazlitt

A big welcome to our newest teacher, Olivia, as she joins the New Energy Yoga team. She will be starting a regular weekly class with us soon!

6th September 2022 345 0

The Difference Between Yoga and Pilates

by Katie Tuck

The answer to a very common question.. should I do Yoga or Pilates?

23rd August 2022 1402 10

In Memory of Daphne Bath

We are deeply saddened by the loss of much beloved yoga teacher, Daphne Bath.