Stepping into your Power

written by Maddy Jones

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Cultivating the power of the summers fire element to propel you into this next season with excitement and positivity.

The long awaited summer months are drawing ever closer with the celebration of the summer solstice on June 21st.

With the arrival of this new season we also step into the power of the Fire element. The fire element represents the summer season of abundance, positivity and excitement and allows us to tap into the creative forces that surround us.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the fire element is also the height of Yang energy. Yang represents strength, light and warmth. It is essential to cultivate this fire into our lives in order to experience joy and optimism, give meaning to our relationships and express ourselves fully. Tapping into the power of the fire element gives us the strength we need to align with our authenticity and is a powerful time to begin manifesting whatever it is you want to cultivate in your life in the future.

Summer is the time for being social and after a year of isolation I’m sure we are all more than ready to get back into the swing of life and embrace everything that this season and element has to offer.

As summer is a time for play and activities, make sure you are still finding balance in your days by enjoying some time to yourself, for some self care or to simply time to unwind, relax and de-stress.

Here are a few ways in which you can best harness the energy of the fire element and summer season ahead and step into your true power.



Taking some quiet time to yourself is incredibly important in these busy, fiery and social months. Without time for reflection you can face burnout, overwhelm or experience anxiety. Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting in silence by yourself, you can explore guided meditations, creative meditations like art, moving meditation such as yoga or practices like journalling to find what works best for you.

You can also use the powerful energy of the fire element in your meditations to manifest what you want into your reality.



Walk barefoot on the grass, feeling the textures under your feet and absorbing the negative ions that the earth produces.

Find a quiet spot in nature and listen carefully to the beautiful sounds around you.

Smell flowers and aromas of the summer air.

Eat seasonal fruit and veg where possible and take time to taste and savour their flavours.



Our bodies have an inner emotional intelligence that is separate from the mind. It is constantly sending us signals about what we should move towards or away from. When we know something in our heart, we are connected to a deeper part of our being. Trust in this inner knowing, and take the time to listen to that gut feeling, your intuition always knows best.

Eat cooling foods, and eat slowly. Enjoy the flavours of the vegetables and fruits in their season. The taste associated with Fire is bitter, so try to include leafy greens like spinach, kale, and Swiss chard into your diet.



The increase in activities and heat of the sun can be very dehydrating, so it is important that you drink enough water to replenish the body and fuel the mind. Aim to drink eight to ten glasses of water a day.



A healthy mind needs movement, as much as the physical body. Exercise releases endorphins which elevate the mood and boost the immune system. Try to balance the energy of the fire element by incorporating lighter exercises like yoga or walking into your routine, rather than sweaty HITT classes or running as the extra Yang energy can overwhelm the nervous system.


And most of all ENJOY yourself, be silly and have fun, laughter is always the best medicine.


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Written by Maddy Jones and published on Friday 28th May 2021 at 18:12

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