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written by Maddy Jones

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It was with heavy hearts that we closed our Yoga Studio doors again last week. Throughout this time, it has become more important than ever to prioritise and maintain not only our physical, but also mental health and wellbeing. With the second lockdown underway, we are taking our yoga practice back to our homes and it is safe to say that many of us are working around distractions, which can make getting into that relaxing 'zone' more difficult!

So how can we bring a little piece of serenity into our homes to gain the most out of our practice until we return to the studio once more?

Here is a few of my top tips to help you create a serene environment and delve a little deeper into your practice and relaxation at home…

  1. If you have children/pets/partners at home, communicate with them clearly but compassionately that your self care is a priority and you need some uninterrupted time to yourself to unwind and recharge. If possible ask for help to keep children/pets occupied while you practice and do your best to free yourself from any other responsibilities or distractions.

  2. Find a private place in your home with enough space to move around in, consider even pushing some furniture to the side if you need to.

  3. This is your sacred space to practice in, so begin to treat it that way. If you have time, give your space a little tidy and spring clean (there’s nothing like mucky floors to distract you from getting in the zone!)

  4. Get everything you need together and begin setting up your space. Grab your mat and any props you may need for the specific class. Having a pillow ready is always recommended and can be used for cushioning under knees or extra support in certain postures. For added comfort during Savasana, you can use a blanket or extra layers to create a cosy, warm space and some kind of eye covering will help block out any extra light & distractions, allowing you to go deeper into your relaxation.

  5. Time to set the mood and ignite the senses! Dim or turn down the lights where possible and if available, light some candles, burn incense or use an essential oil diffuser to fill your space with beautiful aromas.

  6. Now you are all set to begin your practice, repeat the following affirmations to yourself 3 times at the start of your class; “I commit this time to myself, my health and wellbeing are a priority, I free myself from all external responsibilities and distractions and give myself permission to relax.’’

  7. Enjoy your class!!

Don’t forget you can still connect and practice with your favourite teachers during lockdown via the New Energy OnDemand platform. We know how much you value your regular classes, so we have ramped up our LIVE online schedule to bring you even more of the classes you love. In addition we already have over 200 Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Fitness, Instructional videos and more for you to choose from.

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Join me LIVE every Wednesday at 11am. I can’t wait to reconnect with you all on the virtual mat and we will be back in our beloved studio before you know it!

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Written by Maddy Jones and published on Wednesday 11th November 2020 at 10:00

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