Welcoming Spring

written by Lauren Holmes

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The long awaited Spring Equinox has just been and gone. Marking the end of a dark, stagnant Winter, and initiating the transition into a bright and hopeful Spring. Spring is known of a time of new beginnings, the awakening after what can be a reclusive and introspective season. As the sun starts to set later in the evening, the flowers blossom and temperatures begin to rise, we feel a blanket of hope start to cover over the winter months, and lay the bed for new seeds to be planted.

Marking the Spring Equinox, it is common for people to celebrate this shift with personal or traditional rituals. If you didn’t get the memo, don’t worry, now is a better time than ever to create that space and set those new intentions for this next season.

  • Decluttering your space with a ‘spring clean’ is one of the more widely practiced rituals; cleansing your space can be the perfect way of welcoming this new season, as it creates a feeling of mental clarity, whilst letting go of things that are no longer of any use to you.
  • Spending time in nature. Whether that be hiking, walking, or creating with natural materials (making a flower crown, or home arrangement for example), using this time to deepen your connection to the earth is a great way to ground yourself and feel supported as you move into this new season. Why not even try practicing yoga in the sunshine!
  • Have a cleansing bonfire. Another great way of representing the end of a chapter is using fire. This is a great way of signalling to our brain that we are releasing and letting go. Try writing down the things you want to leave behind, and watch them burn in the fire. Don’t forget to celebrate this feeling of releasing: dance, sing, cry, laugh. Feel that weight lift from your shoulders!
  • This is the perfect time of year to set your intentions. Cleanse your space, light a candle and sit with a warm cup of tea as you journal your goals and intentions for this next chapter. This is the perfect time to check in with the way the year has begun, and reflect on what shifts you’d like to make to further support your happiness.

As we practice letting go of the darkness of Winter and making space for the hope of Spring, remember to be gentle with yourself. Letting go of anything can require a little extra love and attention, so take time to care for yourself during this shift. Maybe attending an extra yoga class a week, or including 5 minutes of meditation in your morning routine is all you need. Whatever you choose, use this time to check in with yourself and notice what you need to feel supported. Now’s the time to lay a solid foundation, so we can welcome this energising and social season with ease.

Finally, remember that spring is a time of joy and happiness. So let your hair down! This life is meant to be experienced playfully, we’re not meant to be goal orientated 24/7. Don’t forget to indulge in things that feed the heart, these are what keeps life feeling light and enjoyable! Dance in the sunshine with your morning coffee, walk barefoot on the grass, make that time to see your loved ones and enjoy a day out, remember to make space for the things that really matter and you’ll watch life brighten up around you this Spring.

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Written by Lauren Holmes and published on Tuesday 21st March 2023 at 07:30

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