Aquarius Season: Setting Intentions for Feb

written by Lauren Holmes

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With the rigidity of January coming to a close, we can put the pressure of Capricorn season behind us, and allow the freedom of Aquarius to lift our spirits. Taking the reins from the 20th of Jan through to February 19th, Aquarius season comes with a feeling of breaking free. Whatever it is you're holding onto to please others, now is time to shed that weight. With January's Full moon in Cancer asking us to consider what is true to our heart, now is the month to step into that truth and allow yourself to flourish.

If you're someone who allows the expectations of others to rule your world, or find yourself feeling under pressure to "fit in", Aquarius is here to relieve you of that heavy burden and offer you a chance to embrace your individuality. Each of us have been put here on this earth with our own unique light to share, yet we often find ourselves trying to dim that light so we can blend into the crowd. Tap into the essence of who you are, and explore that this month. Wear your quirks with pride, and remind yourself that it's your differences that make you shine, not your ability to be like every body else.

Aquarius' energy lends itself to nurturing connections, finding meaning within relationships and strengthening your sense of community. So, take time out over this next month to make your encounters with loved ones intentional. Be present with the people you value, make sure the time you spend together has meaning: create new memories, tell people how much you care about them, turn off your phone and fully engage with each other, maybe even go on a spontaneous trip. Step away from meaningless, surface level encounters, and make sure the time you spend with others has substance.

This month is the perfect time to catch up with old friends, visit family, spend time with loved ones and start deepening, or feeding new relationships. The sense of community Aquarius brings may also inspire you to connect with new groups, start new hobbies, or perhaps volunteer. It's the perfect time to be surrounded by people, to support your peers, to collaborate and grow together. Notice where in your life you can connect to, or support others, and let that open new doors or help you find deeper fulfilment within your relationships.

Aquarius is the sign of innovation. So find a sense of playfulness and ease in your way of thinking this month. This sign wants you to let go of restriction, and think outside the box. Experiment, try new things, be open to change, and see where it takes you. Clinging to control can only take you so far: let the unknown be your guide. With this in mind, why not start new projects, allow yourself to take risks, do something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone.

So, how can we implement all this? With January being the month of 'resolutions', I always find it strange that we overwhelm ourselves with a list that inevitably falls by the wayside in weeks, rather than steadily accumulating new intentions throughout the year as we shift seasons. Why not allow this shift to support your continued growth. Rather than forcing a spike of unsustainable effort in January and then moving through the rest of the year without a focus or guide, try settling into each energetic shift of the month with a new intention, and allow that to be what supports your growth.

As we step into Aquarius season, ask yourself, what does this inspire with in you? Give this article another read, and then drop into a short meditation. Close your eyes, and ask yourself what sticks out for you. What is it that you feel called to embody this month. Once something makes itself clear to you, journal on it. Start with the prompt: "This month, I feel inspired to ..", and allow the rest to write itself. Your intuition will know where to focus your attention, so let that guide your 'resolution' for Feb. Instead of overwhelming yourself with goals, just let that intention carry you through this season. Come back to this article if ever you need inspiration, if you feel stagnant during this time of freedom and exploration, allow this meditation and journal exercise to be your guide and see what it can inspire within you.

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Written by Lauren Holmes and published on Wednesday 25th January 2023 at 19:20

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