Katie Tuck, Pilates Teacher at New Energy Yoga in Winchester, Hampshire

Katie Tuck
Pilates Teacher

From the age of 3 until my early 20s as a professional dancer exercise has always been in the forefront. My body over the years has been through strenuous and even unhealthy habits and impact. 8 hour days 5-6 times a week. Pilates was used in our training programs for many reasons but also to really work on our alignment to prevent injuries and overall strengthening.

Fast forward a few years after my career I felt stressed, fatigued and no drive to exercise, however, through pregnancy and birth, I have a new appreciation for my body and health and ultimately found my passion for Pilates.

This time it has a whole new meaning after starting from scratch in my new body. Pilates has given me my confidence back and love for exercise which I couldn’t find with other forms of exercise. It’s the perfect whole body workout combining core, strength, flexibility, balance & co-ordination.

My classes are aimed towards beginners and intermediate levels. I am all about the technique and fundamentals and that is when you start to see and feel the benefits! No two classes are the same, one week we could work on full body strengthening and then next flexibility and relaxation, that’s the beauty!

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