New Study: Hot Yoga Reduces Depression

written by Matt Cresswell

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In a groundbreaking clinical trial, a single weekly session of hot yoga was associated with a “significantly greater” reduction in symptoms for individuals grappling with moderate to severe depression.

The results, published in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Psychiatry by researchers from Harvard Medical School, showcase the remarkable benefits of this holistic approach to mental health.

Over the course of eight transformative weeks, the study delved into the lives of 80 depression-afflicted participants, revealing an extraordinary outcome.

The participants were divided into two groups, with one group prescribed a regimen of at least two 90-minute hot yoga sessions each week, while the second group was put on a waiting list. Surprisingly, even attending just one session per week yielded remarkable results.

On average, participants attended 10.3 classes during the study period, and a staggering 44% of those in the hot yoga group reported their depression scores had plummeted to such an extent that their condition was considered in remission. In contrast, a mere 6.3% of those on the yoga waitlist experienced a decrease in their depression.

Lead study author, the dynamic Dr. Maren Nyer, commented on the study's profound implications, stating, "Yoga and heat-based interventions could potentially change the course of treatment for patients with depression by providing a non-medication-based approach, coupled with additional physical benefits as a bonus."

The journey to healing through hot yoga doesn't end here. Dr. Nyer and his visionary team are now actively working on new studies with the aim of dissecting the unique contributions of each element - the soothing heat and the transformative power of yoga - to the life-changing effects observed in the battle against depression.

This illuminating study is not an isolated beacon of hope; it resonates with numerous other studies that reaffirm the potent impact of hot yoga on mental well-being.

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Photo of the author

Written by Matt Cresswell and published on Thursday 26th October 2023 at 18:00

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