Finding Courage in Uncertain Times

written by Charlie Smith

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This natural catastrophe is a universal opportunity for us as a human race to slow down. Look at our lifestyles in ways that maybe we haven’t had time to do with our fast-paced lives. I personally am welcoming the time to be with my family, take stock and see the gift in this. Maybe it is time to re-evaluate and listen to what really makes us happy inside.

For me over the past eight years of teaching Yoga I have learnt many a lesson around the art of slowing down. As a naturally fast paced creature, I find slowing down very hard, sitting with my feelings and a constant whirlpool of anxiety. I have had to learn to find tools to dilute this natural disposition of mine.

Yoga for me holds the keys to the kingdom of freedom from within. The knowing that the fear will never win, the anxiety will never beat me and breathing through the process releases that built up energy that sits inside. I can make up stories to identify why I am feeling a certain way, and this can be very unhelpful. In these situations, I will always stop and breath and detach from the stories. More often than not, the anxiety will pass. A good Yoga practice never fails to release this built up tension and ultimately puts me back on par.

We are all bundles of energy and without movement that energy can become stale and toxic and cause us to become unwell. Both mentally and physically. Movement changes the way we feel. Yoga also connects us with the way we feel and helps unlock suppressed, repressed or even depressive emotions.

The use of our breath enables our energy to travel around our bodies and unlock, unleash and unclog our internal streams. The asana (the poses) help release this energy from the body so we are ultimately able to sit with ourselves. The real core of Yoga for me is the ability to sit with my feelings, not to run away with them, just be with them.

When we learn to sit with ourselves, we can hear what we really need without running with the chatter. Yoga is a gift, one that I could not possibly ever live without and one that should be passed on to each and everyone.

In these tense times, reach out and roll out your mat, move, breath and connect.

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Photo of the author

Written by Charlie Smith and published on Wednesday 18th March 2020 at 13:10

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