Rowena Kelly, Pilates Teacher at New Energy Yoga in Winchester, Hampshire

Rowena Kelly
Pilates Teacher

Being a performer, moving my body and exercising has always played a vital role in my life. Pilates was used in many of my conditioning programmes for rehearsals and performances as it incorporated full-body workouts, core strength, alignment, and breath work.

Originally from Manchester, I moved away from the performance industry and decided to move to Winchester where I am training to be a Dietitian. My studies cover behavioural science, physiology, and anatomy, as well as treating medical conditions with a food-first approach. This knowledge is transferred into exercise and my role as a Pilates teacher as I understand the body and its mechanisms in great depth and the fuel it needs to thrive.

Attending Pilates classes at New Energy Yoga has instilled my love for exercise again and I have seen my confidence grow as my body became stronger each week. By becoming a Pilates teacher, I hope to increase your confidence in yourself and your body.

My Pilates classes are mixed ability and will leave you feeling aligned, stronger, and energised for the day. We will work on full body strengthening as well as working on flexibility, balance, and alignment.

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