Niki Lemon, Yoga Teacher at New Energy Yoga in Winchester, Hampshire

Niki Lemon
Yoga Teacher

How did your yoga journey begin?

I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to practice Yoga around the world for over a decade now. My Yoga journey is a continual one, but five years ago I found the courage to follow a life long dream - leave my job in London, become a Yoga teacher and move to a new country.

My husband, daughter and I moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2017 and I spent three years continuing my Yoga journey out there, teaching and gaining more qualifications in specific areas. Yoga and meditation has quite literally 'allowed' me to be more grateful, more grounded and most importantly, a happier person.

How would you describe your style of teaching?

My style caters for those who want the benefits of a physical practice, while also creating an environment for a calmer mind with meditation and breathwork woven in. I think it’s important that after a practice such as Vinyasa Flow there is time to restore, and reconnect to your inner-self, so I build in some Yin postures and meditation at the end of classes.

My classes aim to allow you to come away from an overactive mind, and help you establish a healthier relationship with your body, strengthening your muscles, working on postural alignment and balancing your energy so you are better able to cope with life’s stresses.