James Finucane, Yoga Teacher at New Energy Yoga in Winchester, Hampshire

James Finucane
Yoga Teacher

Yoga first came into my life during my second year at university. The calming effects assisted me with sleep quality during a period of increased stress and academic workload. The welcoming nature of yoga and its ability to be practiced at any level of fitness and experience saw me attend classes that ranged in age from 18 - 80 years old.

It would be a number of years until yoga came back into my life. Following a successful career in the Fire Service as a whole time firefighter and Physical Training Instructor and subsequently a Specialist building contractor I had a number of injuries and biomechanics imbalances that were hampering me enjoying my new sport of running it its full degree. Yoga improved my strength in a more balanced way, increased my flexibility and more importantly assisted me in overcoming my injuries. Coinciding once more at an immensely stressful time, I was reminded of the powerful way Yoga can calm the mind. Uniting breath and movement i was transported to a more beneficial mental state.

My Yoga journey has seen me gain experience in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga. Passionate about the mental and physical benefits of Yoga, I bring a strong understanding of anatomy and alignment to my classes. Challenging but accessible to all through thoughtful sequencing and modifications. I believe all participants will benefit whether they come for physical rehabilitation, social interaction, or mental relaxation.

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