Clelia Gueguen, Yoga Teacher at New Energy Yoga in Winchester, Hampshire

Clelia Gueguen
Yoga Teacher

Yoga is like my morning coffee, or like that sensation I get when the sun shines and warms gently my skin. I can’t live without it, or life would be a cold and tasteless place. Yoga is my safe mental and physical cocoon, it also gives me energy, strength and so much joy.

My style has evolved over the years from strong power yoga, to fast pace vinyasa, to now a steady pace flow fluctuating between fast and slow depending on the day and my body needs. I have been training continuously, as part of the path to deepening my practice, I am a 500h RYT teacher, a Pre and Post Pregnancy Yoga and Hot Yoga teacher with Nidra and Yin Yoga qualifications.

My passion for yoga meets my special inclination for learning about the body anatomy. This helps me enquire about the physical benefits of the poses and create a safe teaching environment for my yogis. My classes are for anyone who wants to improve flexibility, strength and develop or restore their proprioception. My teaching approach is challenging but also kind and compassionate, allowing the yogi to achieve their goal at their own pace.

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