Benedita Sousa, Yoga Teacher at New Energy Yoga in Winchester, Hampshire

Benedita Sousa
Yoga Teacher

My approach to yoga extends both on and off the mat, encompassing both literal and figurative dimensions.

In my classes, anticipate laughter, intense sweat, and a broadening of perspectives regarding the potential of your yoga journey.

Beyond the mat, I encourage exploration that challenges conventional boundaries, urging you to think innovatively about your body's capabilities.

As a creator and explorer, my aim is to unveil these innate qualities within you, fostering self-discovery.

My classes mirror my creative flair and the ongoing evolution of my personal yoga journey.

Meditation, pranayama, yoga philosophy, and a yogic lifestyle are integral to my being, having healed from depression through yoga.

My strong spiritual practice is infused in my teaching.

When we are truly in tune with our bodies and move with purpose, we tap into a deeper wisdom within ourselves, transcending the confines of the mind. I'm here to guide you connect with your inner intelligence, your inner light so that you can navigate life guided by your best self and shine your brightest.

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