Booty Bands

Booty Bands

Sculpt the body you’ve always dreamed of with the booty band!

Features a gorgeous palm print so you’ll always have a bit of the beach with you.

Amazing benefits of using the band:

  • MORE ACTIVATION - Up to 400% more glute activation. Build your glutes, with less of the work - just 10 minutes per day.
  • COMFORTABLE - The soft fabric feels great on your skin, with a snug and secure fit. They won't pinch your skin, or pull hairs.
  • NO ROLLING - The non-slip strips inside of the bands mean the bands won't slide or roll - allowing you to focus on getting the most from your workout.
  • WORKOUT FROM HOME - With our bands, you can keep exercising at home and never miss a day's training.
  • SIZES – Our bands are 13.5 inches in length and medium resistance. This is the optimal length to activate your glutes through a full range of motion.
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