Saturday 6th January 3pm - 4:30pm

New Year Cleanse and Tone

with Jamie John

Kick off your 2024 and join Jamie for a New Year detoxifying ritual!

You will be welcomed with the scents of the season , as you settle on your mat and prepare for an opening ceremony and breathwork to expand and clear the chest.

Followed by Vinyasa Yoga, adding twists and rotations to cleanse the vital organs and tone the abdomen.

With fire in your belly, you will further explore the heart centre and core, rinsing toxins from the body.

You will then be guided into the second part of this detox using Yin Yoga for gentle drainage, to encourage relaxation and cool the embers.

This wonderful ritual will close with meditation to the sounds of nature.

Photo of the workshop teacher, Jamie John

Meet Jamie

Exercise has always been an integral part of my life: weight training, running, swimming and martial arts, but nothing captured me like Yoga.

A combination of stretches to deeply relax, remedy exercise injuries and bad postural habits coupled with strength building yoga poses and simply time and space to breathe seemed to be the perfect mix for a healthy balanced, active life.

After years of practice and exploring many styles of yoga, I trained at the Sun Power Yoga School in Turkey and have begun to invest a life in the ancient art of Yoga and Meditation.

Yoga is a way of life on and off the mat and sharing my practice teaching others has become my passion. Having had many teachers from different schools of yoga I'm now a member of the yoga Alliance USA and the British wheel of yoga and able to offer a wide variety of styles.

I truly believe that everybody can benefit from yoga and over time build a strong and beautiful body and spirit.