Sunday 10th December 4pm - 6pm

Yoga Nidra for Deep Rest

with Maddy Jones

Winter is a time for rest, to slow down, turn inwards and reflect.

Yoga Nidra is a deep and ancient form of Guided Sleep Meditation. A two hour practice recharges the body to the equivalent of a FULL 8 hours worth of sleep, clears the busy-ness from the mind and can dramatically reduce the effects of stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Beginning with simple, soothing, movements to release tension and pent up energy from the body, before snuggling down into a nest of warmth and rest, as Maddy guides you into a state of conscious sleep.

Enjoy beautiful aromas of essential oils, optional massage and the soothing sounds of Tibetan singing Bowls accompanying your practice, lulling you into a state of deep relaxation, calming the nervous system, and re-balancing your energy.

A luxurious experience which will leave you rested, recharged and rejuvenated, with a heightened sense of clarity, calm and peace.

Photo of the workshop teacher, Maddy Jones

Meet Maddy

What does Yoga mean to you?

Yoga to me is the ultimate self care, time to myself to switch off, reconnect & give my mind a rest from the daily overload, knowing that I’m doing the best for my body, mind and soul simultaneously.

How would you describe your style of Yoga?

My style of yoga is a mixture of dynamic flowing movement and relaxing restorative postures & practices. I make sure every one of my classes is a luxury experience, incorporating essential oils, gentle assists/ massage and engaging music to ignite the senses, allowing my students to fully immerse into the moment.

What is your favourite Yoga pose and why?

My favourite yoga pose is SAVASANA!! The juicy conclusion of a great practice and ultimate relaxation position.

An interesting/quirky fact about yourself and your experience?

I spent 3 years teaching yoga around the world, ending up assisting at the international yoga festival in India where I got the honour of meeting the Dali Lama.

A quote that means something to you?

“You give life to what you give energy to .“