Saturday 15th April 2pm - 3:45pm

Building Confidence in Standing Asanas

with Miriam Watson

Standing asanas are the building blocks of a yoga asana practice. They represent our ability to be grounded, to stand on our own feet.

Through the practice of standing poses, the body becomes strong and articulate and the mind alert and focused. We build our inner confidence and learn how to stay calm at the same time.

Standing asanas are important for their complete practice-they include forward and backward bending, twisting, inversion, and balancing.

When we practice standing asanas, we are often confronted with pain, stiffness, discomfort both physical and emotional. There are some common mistakes which can lead to the back and knee pain.

During this workshop, we are going to learn how to properly engage muscles to make standing asanas safe and be more confident in transitions between them. We will also try different adapted versions of standing postures so you could find what works best for your level of practice

Photo of the workshop teacher, Miriam Watson

Meet Miriam

Yoga came to my life when I was a schoolgirl. And since then it has been shaping me, teaching me, challenging me and supporting me in the most darkest moments of my life.

I have been practicing yoga for 17 years and I have been a yoga teacher for more than 10 years. I have been lucky to learn from the best teachers in Russia, France and the USA. My current style is a combination of different yoga styles and is close to Vinyasa Flow, Jivamukti and Yoga therapy. I love enriching my classes with other techniques from ballet, dancing and swimming.