New Moon Mandala

Saturday 21st January

with Olivia Hazlitt

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Join us for the first new moon of 2023 as we journey 360 degrees around the mat through an extended mandala flow practice.

Honouring the waves of the lunar cycle with a fluid, water sequence that allows us to inspire and nurture our true intentions for the New Year under the magic of the new moon.

In yoga, the ida nadi (the channel on the left side of your body) is linked to creativity, introspection, and lunar energy.

In this workshop you will be guided through a balanced blend of rhythmic moon Mandala salutations, nurturing Yin postures and an intention setting meditation to allow yourself time to reset, release, and begin again.

Key Details

  • This workshop will take place on Saturday 21st January 2023.
  • It will start at 2pm and finish at approximately 3:30pm.
  • Your teacher is Olivia Hazlitt.
  • It is priced at £25 per person.