Down The Rabbit Hole 3pm

Sunday 30th October

with Jamie John

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A darkened room, dappled by candlelight, warm, comforting and restful.

Surrender your body to the stillness of Yin yoga, as you allow your mind the freedom to explore. Ambient sounds, wisps of incense, the distant peel of a bell.....

In deeply restorative surroundings you will notice any aches and pains dissolve into the distance. Focus on the power of correct breathing, allow the imagination to become meditation and touch upon a calmer state of being.

Everybody is welcome to tumble down the Rabbit Hole !

Bring a cosy extra layer to wear for your ultimate comfort.

Key Details

  • This workshop will take place on Sunday 30th October 2022.
  • It will start at 3pm and finish at approximately 5pm.
  • Your teacher is Jamie John.
  • It is priced at £35 per person .