Hot Yoga Classes

“The heat intensifies the euphoria you feel during class and eases your muscles more deeply into a stretch.”

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga refers to any style of yoga performed in a heated studio. This has all the benefits of a regular yoga class, but with the added heat, gives your heart, lungs, and muscles a more intense workout.

The added benefit of infrared heat, is that it mimics sunlight and it’s benefits - without the risk of sun exposure! This therapeutic source of light deeply (and safely) penetrates the muscles, and helps the body to heal physically and mentally.

What are the benefits?

  • Clearer skin and detoxification.
  • Increased blood flow.
  • Strength and muscle building.
  • Boost your metabolism.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Pain and inflammation relief.
  • Flexibility.
  • Can help with anxiety, stress and depression.

Do I need to be fit and flexible?

Just like any yoga class, you don’t need to be flexible to join. In fact, the heat will allow the muscles to relax, and you may find yourself going deeper in a hot class.

How much does it cost?

We have a range of flexible pricing options designed to make attending our classes simple and stress-free. You can pay for a one-off class, or purchase a block of classes at a discounted rate.

Which class should I start with?

Our classes are designed to be accessible so there is no wrong place to start. We would recommend having some familiarity with yoga before joining a hot class, but if you are feeling adventurous there’s no reason not to jump straight in!

If you’d like to experience the warmth with a slower practice, we recommend attending a hot stretch class, or warm restorative for a more relaxing approach.

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Guidelines for before your first Hot Yoga class

Before Class

  • Aim to arrive 10 minutes before you first class so that we can familiarise you with where everything is.
  • Wear something loose-fitting and comfortable, that you can move freely in.
  • You might want to bring a bottle of water to take into the class with you.
  • We have changing rooms and lockers available.
Guidelines for how to get the most out of your Hot Yoga class

During Class

  • To ensure an enjoyable experience, please switch off your mobile phone.
  • We remove shoes before entering the main studio. Barefoot is best but you are welcome to wear socks.
  • Let your teacher know that you are new, or if you have any injuries or concerns.
  • Listen to your body, you know it best.
Guidelines for after your Hot Yoga class

After Class

  • Do let us know how you got on, our team want to talk to you and will be more than happy to answer any questions.
  • There is no rush to leave, you are welcome to take your time.
  • Drink some water, it is important to stay hydrated.
  • Your muscles might be a little sore, but that feeling will pass!

Ready to get started?

Simply purchase a single class or a block of class credits, and then you can start booking straight away.

Need some more advice?

Our team would be delighted to help find the right class for you. Please do get in touch and we will help guide you.